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Santa Monica and West Los Angeles Chiropractor

Regarding Santa Monica and West Los Angeles chiropractor, Dr. Raymond Hall, DC, the acclaimed director and producer, T.J. Scott, has said, "In the dictionary under 'miracle worker,' they should just have a picture of Dr. Ray Hall." We at the Pacific Coast Sports Medicine couldn't agree more! Your Santa Monica and West Los Angeles chiropractor has a proven track record of 25 years, working with celebrities and professional athletes from the PGA, NBA, ATP, and other prominent sports organizations. He boasts two patented Santa Monica chiropractic designs — the Hall-Vector System from the 1990's and PILLO1 invention in 2004.

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As your Santa Monica chiropractor, he espouses a philosophy which combines sports chiropractic with modern orthopaedic medicine, taking the most effective advancements in each field of study, and thereby creating a hybrid much stronger than the two individual practices — all tailored to meet the particular Santa Monica chiropractic needs of each individual patient.

Your Santa Monica chiropractor is pleased to be in the unique position of unifying such powerful fields in medicine, in order to help his patients perform at their best. His emphasis is of course not simply on short-term healing, but rather on Santa Monica chiropractic techniques that will keep his patients healthy for years to come. Please give our offices at the Pacific Coast Sports Medicine a call today to find out how Dr. Hall can start you on your way to better, long-term health. Rapid, safe rehabilitation is a possibility, with the synergistic Santa Monica chiropractic methods that Dr. Hall has at his disposal.

Reviews of Dr Raymond Hall, DC

Welcome From Dr. Raymond Hall DC

Dr Hall - Santa Monica Chiropractor

Pacific Coast Sports Medicine, the chiropractic practice of Dr. Raymond Hall, DC, is predicated on a close examination of pain and dysfunction. Specifically, Dr. Hall applies his uniquely synergistic model of treatment to correct dysfunction and thereby eliminate pain. He begins with a conservative approach then if two weeks of care doesn’t provide the anticipated favorable outcome, oftentimes will include or perhaps transfer the patient towards more medicinal approaches. His approach is optimizing a continuum of care that starts with conservative CT (Chiropractic Therapy) and progress’ as needed to more medicinal communication and measures, optimizing expansive conscientious care of each and every patient.

Santa Monica and West Los Angeles Chiropractic

Dr. Hall, your Santa Monica and West Los Angeles chiropractor, and his colleagues at the Pacific Coast Sports Medicine like to say that they are leading the way through cooperative medicine. In fact, the well-known producer and writer, Kevin Lund, has written, "Dr. Raymond Hall has successfully treated me for the past eight years and I can honestly say that I have never had more faith in a medical practitioner." This is high praise for someone who is as strict and rigorous about his practice as your Santa Monica chiropractor. He has worked for years to create a set of methods for Santa Monica chiropractic treatment and rehabilitation that works safely, and effectively, for athletes from a variety of sport backgrounds.

The Golfer's Character
This article outlines, defines, and demonstrates how the game of golf exemplifies and characterizes life. It points out the good personality traits, or the "do's," that will carry over into your business and personal relationships...
Going Beyond the "Self"
Going beyond the "self" is an incredibly powerful mind conceptual pattern that can tremendously enhance our experience on and off the golf course. Golf renders us a perfect setting for developing this tool to cultivate many new experiences...
Athletic Shoe Shopping: What to Look For
When people shop for sneakers or other athletic shoes, most choose style over substance. We pick the pair that looks the best, but is not necessarily the most comfortable. What we wear on our feet during exercise, however, is extremely important, and can have a huge effect on the chiropractic health of our bodies, particularly for runners...

Dr. Ray Hall of Pacific Coast Sports Medicine helped me heal from several serious injuries and keep my body going during the ten week competition on "Dancing with the Stars". I was training like a professional athlete over 50 hours per week; I needed the same treatment Dr. Hall gives to many pro-athletes. I was able to dance through my injuries despite the rigorous schedule thanks to his treatments. I would not have been able to compete and win the competition if it were not for the amazing care and treatment of Dr. Hall. Thanks, Dr. Hall, for making it happen!

- Brooke Burke, Actress/Host/Celebrity Mom and Winner of Dancing with the Stars, 2008
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In the dictionary under "miracle Worker," they should just have a picture of Dr. Ray Hall.

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